My name's Josh Evans, I own Cataclysm Computers 😁

I spent years building computers as a hobby, and now I'm sharing my knowledge and experience with Australia!

I'm training a team of the best computer techs on the planet to bring top level custom computers to your home, the goal is simply to become the go-to custom computer store in Australia - and we're well on our way there.


I've been working harder than I could ever imagine in order to bring my computers to as many Australians as possible, and over time I've put together a nice simple list of the three things I think are most important to you.

✅ 1. The best customer service on the planet. I actually play games, I've built countless computers in my life and I've come across every problem imagineable; I've taught my team to take a proactive approach to issues - we solve them before they show up. We've blacklisted certain models or brands and the quality of the components we use on average will far surpass any other company in Australia.

✅ 2. Free delivery to anywhere in the country. Australia is a big, sparse country and this wasn't easy, but I've made it happen. There are remote towns in Northern Territory using a Cataclysm computer.

✅ 3. An industry-leading three year warranty. With the option for four years. This is something I worked hard on, we had to figure out which components were the most reliable and if you've had a chat to me directly you'll know how picky I am with what goes into these PCs.


Overall it's a really simple answer; if you've read this far I hope you see through the fluff that a lot in the industry will post - this is the real deal. The only goal is your complete satisfaction of your new gaming or workstation computer. My team and myself all share the same philosophy - it's really not about just building your computer, it's about you being so happy with your new setup that we build your friend's computer. And their friend too.