The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)
The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)

The Eclipse 7600 + 4060 Ti (Copy)


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AMD Ryzen 5 7600 Processor
The AMD Ryzen 5 7600 is the current king of mid range gaming - but mid range feels like an understatement. This CPU is capable of over 200 FPS on COD Warzone, over 700 FPS on Valorant and high FPS in every game you throw at it.

Thermalright Aqua Elite Liquid Cooler
The Thermalright Aqua Elite liquid coolers are reliable, powerful and quiet - leaving your temperatures and noise levels low for years to come.

Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 8GB Graphics Card
The Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti is the perfect graphics card for high tier 1080p gaming, or mid tier 1440p gaming - it's capable of high FPS in all game genres.

32GB SK Hynix RGB 6000MHz RAM
SK Hynix is the chip manufacturer for most Corsair, Kingston and G.Skill RAM. We will choose the most suitable RAM for your motherboard and processor from our chosen RAM brands, which use top level SK Hynix chips and offer a lifetime warranty.

MSI B650M Gaming Wifi Motherboard
The MSI B650M Gaming Wifi offers Wifi 6, rear USB C, ARGB (software controlled) and support for all AMD AM5 processors.

Cooler Master 750W Power Supply
At Cataclysm we only use highly rated, efficient power supplies and this model is no different. Most PCs we build will surprisingly only use half of the maximum rated wattage of the PSU.

1TB Lexar NVMe M.2 Gen4 SSD
Our chosen NVMe SSDs are 


The Zenith series delivers exceptional performance and visual appeal for gaming and workstation PCs. Each build combines efficiency and style in a compact form.

We love the mATX size case in this series, offering the same airflow as larger setups while saving you $100-200 AUD compared to full ATX systems.

Featuring customisable ARGB fans, The Zenith ensures excellent cooling and airflow with its mesh front design. The seamless and polished look eliminates empty spaces.

Starting at around $1400 AUD, The Zenith offers high customizability—see our Pricing Advice section below for details.



The Zenith series starts at approximately $1400 AUD, featuring customisable ARGB fans, braided sleeved cables, and an AIO liquid cooler.

The mesh front design improves airflow, showcasing every component and making it essential to use quality parts. Ensure you have high-quality braided sleeved cables, a complete set of fans, and appropriately sized graphics cards and coolers to maintain the refined look.

LCD liquid coolers, often featured in our photos, can cost $200-400 AUD more than regular AIO coolers, affecting the overall price.

Opting for an air cooler instead of a liquid cooler can save up to $100 AUD, providing a budget-friendly option.

We can build high-end systems in The Zenith style, with prices ranging from $1400 to $6500 AUD.





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